Roni Pieper

Description & Location

Both the meeting rooms «Roni Pieper I & II» offer a classic ambience combined with state-of-the-art technology. Close to the lobby «Le Grand Hall» and the Concierge Desk. Windows with daylight, facing the Via Serlas and Lake St. Moritz. The rooms can be separated through a dividing wall. 

Technical equipment

Newest technical equipment is present in both rooms. Direct access to the terrace by Roni Pieper II.

Both rooms offer a beamer, TV, radio and internet.


Roni Pieper I Roni Pieper II
Length: 8.84 meter 8.68 meter
Width: 4.07 & 5.22 meter 3.72 & 5.71 meter
Height: 2.68 meter 2.68 meter
Size: 45 m² 49 m²
Banquet: 24 24
Cocktail: 30 30
Seminar: 24 24
Theatre: 30 30