Renaissance Bar

Davidoff Lounge

The traditional «Renaissance Bar – Davidoff Lounge» of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is unique in scintillating St. Moritz and promises an inviting and elegant ambience for cigar and whisky conoisseurs at any time of the day. The very comfortable seating is a prerequisite for casual meetings and just relaxing. You can let your mind wander while enjoying a legendary Bellini, a classic drink or a cocktail creation or even savour rarities from the cigar and whisky selection – even just a peek at the selection is enough to excite any connoisseur. "To see and be seen" is the motto of the «Renaissance Bar – Davidoff Lounge» - a venue which represents the elegance of St. Moritz lifestyle like no other.

Smoking is permitted in the «Renaissance Bar – Davidoff Lounge».


After 7.30pm a jacket is required

Opening hours

11.00am – midnight