Let yourself be enchanted

Every guest can feel it. The magic of this hotel. The feeling when you enter our Le Grand Hall. It's indescribable. Like a spell, far from the daily routine. The history of our luxury hotel in St. Moritz draws us in again and again into its enchantment. We are looking forward to making the magic possible for you.

Hans Wiedemann
Hans Wiedemann - Managing Director & Delegate of the Board 

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120 years and still not a bit quieter



Bollito Misto

Bollito Misto in the Patrizier Stuben


120 Years Badrutt's

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel was celebrating its 120th Anniversary in 2016. As part of its celebrations, the luxury hotel issued 12 monthly reports for one whole year on anecdotes from its 12 decades of history.


Back to the past... 

The success story of a pioneer family: How a small family house in St. Moritz has turned into the world famous luxury Badrutt's Palace Hotel.