120 Years Badrutt's Palace

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel celebrated its 120th Anniversary in 2016. As part of its celebrations, the luxury hotel issued 12 monthly reports for one whole year on anecdotes from its 12 decades of history.

2006 - 2016

The future of the past 

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of the Badrutts the 120 year old history of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is safe for the future.

Historical luggage bag family Badrutt

1996 - 2005

One Hotel, Five Generations 

The Palace success story has always been a family affair. One family writes hotel history. Pioneering spirit and the love of the place have meant that even after 120 years the legendary Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is still one of the best hotels in the world.

Andreas & Hansjürg Badrutt Hans Badrutt

1986 - 1995

From the first boutique to the Palace Galerie 

Shopping. For some an entertaining pastime, for others as vital as the air we breathe.


Coiffeur with payphone 1986 Coiffeur 1986

1976 - 1985

Spoilt for choice 

At Badrutt’s Palace Hotel there’s something for everyone! That was the case in the 1970s and still is today. The rooms are just as unique as the luxury hotel itself. Guests are faced with the choice of rooms and suites in a multitude of decorative styles, each exuding its own particular charm.

1966 - 1975

Raise the curtain for a dive into the deep end 

Fascination with swimming pools. The pool, like a theatre, holds its visitors under a spell making them want to take centre stage.

1956 - 1965

Hitchcock & The Princess

The material which was to make great screen classics and headlines in all the well known newspapers began in the legendary Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

1946 - 1955

Under orders

After the end of World War II American soldiers ordered to take a break in Switzerland to recover. 

1936 - 1945

Opposites Attract 

The rebellious youth of the 1930s partied loud and hard at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Hans Badrutt aimed to deal with this challenge by purchasing ›Chesa Veglia‹.

1926 - 1935

Dancer to Millionaire 

A fairytale love story: by posing one simple question, “May I have this dance?” Maurice Mouvet suddenly became a very rich man. No wonder he claims that “wives make the best dancers!”

1916 - 1925

Game, set & Match! 

Construction of Europe’s first indoor tennis hall becomes the ideal 1920s marketing tool for Hans Badrutt. 

1906 - 1915

The Black Butler

Exotic staff as a guest magnet: at the beginning of the 20th Century Caspar Badrutt became the centre of attention with his international staff.

1896 - 1905

Was it all just stolen? 

The luxury hotel owes its world famous name to a clever strategic move by Hans Badrutt, son of founder Caspar Badrutt.