Dancer to Millionaire

If you leaf through Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s press coverage from the 1920s it soon becomes apparent that glamorous balls and exuberant dances very frequently filled the coverage. So how come, that the traditional hotel loved staging such successful large scale events?

When the young widower Hans Badrutt married for the second time he embarked on a new beginning, and not just in his private life. With his newly beloved wife, Helen Kolb, it was also a new era for the hotel. Helen had a great passion for beautiful fabrics and the latest fashions. In order to live out her passion and show off her new dresses regularly, she became the driving force in terms of organising festive events.

The charming Maurice Mouvet and his future wife Mrs Eleonora Ambrose met at one of those balls in 1926. He wooed the young lady from Kansas City high society for over a week until she finally agreed to accompany him to the ball. Later, right here in the ›Embassy Ballroom‹ the spell was broken and Eleanora fell for the dark haired dancer who whisked her around the new dance floor.

Shortly after Maurice married his Eleonora, daughter of an oil baron from Kansas and suddenly became a rich man overnight. The couple held Badrutt’s Palace Hotel very dear, as the place they first met and sent Hans and Helen Badrutt a photograph of themselves with a personal dedication.