Dive into the deep end

First Outdoor Pool, St. Moritz, Switzerland

»To see and be seen«, an ideology lived out in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel for the last 120 years. In the 60s the new indoor swimming pool became a catwalk and stage for the rich and the beautiful. In particular, the tall American beauties knew how to get noticed and so became the perfect subject to advertise the new attraction.

Mineral springs in St. Moritz provided bubbling energy for over 3000 years. The tradition of St. Moritz as a spa town began in 1864 with the construction of the first spa rooms. The clear Engadin mountain water gained an ever increasing reputation after that as a cure and source of relaxation.

When Andrea Badrutt took over the reins of the hotel in 1953 after the death of his father Hans Badrutt, he quickly recognised this as the missing attraction – water as the source of recuperation. Andrea had a large, heated outdoor pool built, just like the American examples, which the illustrious guests first made use of in the summer of 1959.

The new «centre stage» however only charmed the guests in summer. When the temperatures dropped to well below minus, not even the heated pool could entice people to pose and saunter. So Andrea Badrutt decided to extend the attraction to an indoor pool complete with a bar.
And so the new »Acapulco concept« took to the stage: ten years later in the winter season of 1969 / 70 the high society sipped their cocktails at the large indoor pool, posed on the rock which just invited everyone to dive in at the deep end and provided the hotelier with numerous subjects for the resulting advertising and promotions as the main protagonists on the »Acapulco show stage«.