From the first boutique to the Palace Galerie

Coiffeur with paypone 1986

How can you please women, friends or your family? With chocolates, flowers or a sparkling diamond! Small or large gifts as a gesture of your affection or appreciation. The hotel-owning Badrutt family recognised this need early on and in 1900 were already offering their guests and external visitors the chance to shop directly within the hotel or very close by. On the one hand this offered guests an additional pastime, on the other, the Badrutt family could generate further income by letting out the shop spaces.  

The first shops to open at the turn of the Century in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel were located at the time directly in the passage to the side of the hall. Guests could browse the little boutiques in peace and quiet and remain in the warmth of the hotel, especially in the winter months. The road from the hotel to the station was also lined with an ever increasing number of shops. While predominantly designer brands were to be found within the hotel, such as Cartier, Bulgari or Louis Vuitton, the shops outside the hotel offered more local products and souvenirs. According to a family anecdote Hans & Helen Badrutt allegedly met in one such boutique which specialised in fashion and fabrics at the beginning of the 1920s.

Helen was working at the time as a sales assistant in the fashion house and Hans paid her regular visits. Their marriage followed in 1922 and in 1930 their son Hansjürg Badrutt was born, the current owner of the traditional hotel. In the years that followed, Hans Badrutt     further increased the amount of shop floor space resulting in a business boom in the 1980s when the highest located shopping mile in Europe came into being – today the Palace Galerie. In particular the hair salon in the former Palace Café was the absolute favourite in 1986 with the female guests and locals.