Game, Set & Match!

In 1913 the newly founded International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) decides to hold three future world championships. In the same year Badrutt’s Palace Hotel completes its indoor tennis hall – a stroke of luck or bold pioneering spirit?

Since the ILTF’s decision the world tennis championships took place in three disciplines. On a grass court - the Wimbledon tournament we know today; on a hard court – better known as the French Open; and on a wooden parquet court in an enclosed hall. The first champion-ships were held in Stockholm and in 1922 this honour was bestowed on St. Moritz. 
At that time playing tennis was bon ton of the illustrious society, just as wintering in St. Moritz.

By opening his own indoor tennis hall in 1913 Hans Badrutt was the first in Europe to offer his guests the chance to play tennis all year round and whatever the weather. All the well-known tennis players of the time were seen gracing this indoor court, including the French William Laurentz who ranked among the top ten in the world in 1920 and 1921.

The message Hans Badrutt was sending to the world here was clear: even in the depths of the St. Moritz winter, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is offer-ing its guests the chance to experience on-trend tennis by taking to the court themselves or watch-ing some of the top tennis stars win game, set & match.