Hitchcock & The Princess

Great cinema – New Year’s Eve 1958 brought sparkle and glamour to St. Moritz’s Grand Hotel in the manner to which it was accustomed. Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, among others, who was seeing in the New Year with Princess Soraya and Prince Johannes of Thurn and Taxis. This caused much media attention in the international press and it is also said that Hitchcock used his hotel sojourns to draw on inspiration for his work. 

The famous film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock had already stayed in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel for the first time in the 1920s. That occasion was for none other than his honeymoon. Like so many others before him he became a regular guest and spent many relaxing days in the traditional hotel with his wife, and later also his daughter.

It is well known not only by the guests but also the press how well Badrutt’s Palace Hotel throws a party, especially at New Year, so the hotel is a strong magnet for the media world.

On New Year’s Eve 1958 it is still unknown to this day whether the paparazzi had found its way onto the illustrious guest list or whether a hotel guest handed over some pictures to the press. But what followed was that the papers had full spreads on Hitchcock and the very relaxed, partying Princess Soraya, who was ensnared by various men. The Imperial Court was none too pleased about the headline news and arranged for the Princess’ immediate departure.

Hitchcok himself enjoyed the hotel’s very special atmosphere. Many of his Palace impressions and experiences served as inspiration for his work and cropped up again later in his famous productions.