One Hotel, Five Generations

Mr. Badrutt

The Palace success story has always been a family affair.

One family writes hotel history. Pioneering spirit and the love of the place have meant that even after 120 years the legendary Badrutt’s   Palace Hotel is still one of the best hotels in the world.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s history is unique. The traditional hotel was built in 1896 by Caspar Badrutt, the second eldest son of Johannes Badrutt, who himself founded winter tourism in St. Moritz as the result of a bet. Just like his father Johannes, Caspar had a strong sense of family and handed the hotel down to his son Hans. Hans took over running the hotel when his father died in 1904. Hans was courageous, like his grandfather Johannes, and had also inherited the famous Badrutt pioneering spirit. He was the first in the family to carry out powerful, modern hotel marketing. On his travels he took the Palace name with him way beyond the borders of Europe, laying the foundations for its reputation all over the world. When Hans died in 1953 his wife Helen and eldest son Andrea took over managing the hotel.


Mr. & Mrs. Badrutt

Helen introduced the glamorous Palace Balls and Andrea welcomed the American jet set with open arms. The
hotel experienced its Golden Years. Then in the following years, the brothers Andrea and Hansjürg both ran the hotel successfully side by side. When Andrea died in 1998 it was then down to Hansjürg to continue alone, but he could also count on the support of his charming wife Aniko. The management and running of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is down to Managing Director & Delegate of the Board Hans Wiedemann.