Opposites attract

›Chesa Veglia‹ is one of the most original and beloved places to go to in St. Moritz. The three restaurants and two bars are not only on top of the list of favourites of the hotel’s guests but many locals also love to eat out regularly in the traditional old farmhouse.  

But let’s go back to the beginning: in 1934 Hans Badrutt inherited the Engadin house, which had earlier provided stalls for working animals. While there were many festive balls and splendid gala dinners taking place in the hotel, the youngsters partied in the »Stübli«, a room directly next to the bar in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, decorated in the old Engadin style.


The younger generation’s parties were generally considered to be rather disturbing to the rest of the guests. One needed peace and quiet to concentrate during an exciting bridge match or during important social debates over a glass of whisky.

A solution was needed and so Hans Badrutt came up with a completely new strategy in his purchase of ›Chesa Veglia‹. He retained the original look of the building externally and architecturally but interiorly the luxury hotelier introduced simple, authentic elements, closely linked to the Engadin. The result was cosy rooms, which to this day have not lost any of their beloved charm and warmth. When it opened on 28th December 1935 not only the curious younger generation flocked to see it, but also some Royal guests from Siam, who were staying in the hotel at that time.

Despite or rather precisely because ›Chesa Veglia‹ was so very different from Badrutt’s Palace Hotel it became the hot spot in St. Moritz in 1936, as well as the following year. The restaurants still attract and enthrals the rich and beautiful, the younger generation as well as local residents in equal measure today.