Was it all just stolen

Six months before the official opening of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel the name of the future Grand Hotel was still undecided.

While Caspar Badrutt was overseeing construction work on site in St. Moritz his son Hans Badrutt was in Paris, where he completed his apprenticeship in the Chatham Hotel. Father and son remained in touch by letter and discussed the progress of construction as well as the hotel’s future name.

As an experienced hotelier, Caspar knew that even the name had to inform guests about the category and standard of the hotel. The level of comfort clearly matched that of a Grand Hotel, but should the new hotel take that name? Meanwhile in the Metropole in Paris, Hans found out about the planned new opening of the »Palace Maloja.« Due to the publicity, the name of this new hotel was on everybody’s lips. Hans used this to his advantage and persuaded his father to also use the word »Palace«. In hindsight Hans had not only shown skilled business acumen but had laid the foundations for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel to become one of the best luxury hotels in the world.