Tea up! Badrutt’s Afternoon Tea

It’s impossible to forget the first time you enter Le Grand Hall in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. With its high ceilings, marbled floors and elegant furnishings, it’s a delightful sight. Flooded with light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, the room exudes a scent of old wood and fresh pastries – a smell which, from that day on, you’ll forever associate with the hotel’s afternoon tea.

A very long tradition

The tradition of »taking tea« reached Europe in the mid-1600s, when merchants brought the precious leaves back from the Far East and introduced the beverage to London’s coffee houses. For almost two centuries, it was the drink of choice of the mercantile class, until Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford and lifelong friend of Queen Victoria, created the afternoon tea as we know it today while visiting the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir Castle in the mid-1840s. At the time, aristocratic eating habits were undergoing rapid change. In the 1700s, just two meals were served each day, namely breakfast and dinner. However, as the years passed, dinner was served increasingly late in the day, with the result that by the early 1800s, a third, lighter meal, called luncheon, was introduced and partaken of around noon. Nonetheless, Anna Russell felt the afternoon too long to go without refreshment and found a light afternoon meal of Darjeeling tea, cakes and sandwiches ideal to fill the gap until dinner. Many others deemed her idea brilliant, and a new tradition was born.

The Badrutt's Palace Hotel offers you the best afternoon tea in St. Moritz. Enjoy one of the 28 teas, served with finger sandwiches - salmon, cheese, ham, cucumbers - as well as scones with jam and cream and a selection of tasty seasonal sweets from the confectioner's master of the Badrutt's Palace Hotel for CHF 39.00 per person.

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Tea Eldorado Le Grand Hall

Since we don’t always have time to sit down for afternoon tea these days, it’s a real treat to do so in a wonderful setting like Le Grand Hall while enjoying an incredible holiday in St. Moritz. With its understated luxury and ageless elegance, Le Grand Hall invites you to recline in one of its plush armchairs and in the style of the Duchess of Bedford savour a fragrant cup of tea. The selection of teas – white, oolong, black, green – and infusions is impressive, so take your time to select your favourite, then sit back and relish the breathtaking views while the leaves infusing in the hot water release their unique, tangy aroma. As afternoon tea is a moment of pure relaxation and decadence, let yourself indulge in all Le Grand Hall has to offer – a crumbly scone or a fresh buttery pastry perhaps, or maybe a sandwich and a glass of champagne. Rules are suspended during afternoon tea – it’s a time of enjoyment, when friends get together for profound conversations or light-hearted chat. Or as Lewis Carroll teaches us in his timeless masterpiece Alice in Wonderland: »Yes, that's it!«, said the Hatter with a sigh: »it's always tea-time«.