Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz has been synonymous with glamour, the quintessence of refined luxury and understated, yet very present, glitz for 120 years. Located in the birthplace of modern winter tourism, the hotel has always been »the place to be« for those seeking the ultimate mountain holiday experience, and has strived ceaselessly to improve its unique offer for its discerning guests since opening in 1896.

Every detail counts, no matter how small or trivial it may seem: everything comes together to create the perfect vacation, during which guests never have to ask, as their needs, wishes and desires are anticipated and fulfilled.

Reaching Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is a highlight in itself. As part of the holiday, the arrival is as important as everything else. Whether you arrive by air fare or by train, the stunning, rugged beauty of the Engadin welcomes you with its breath-taking peaks and blue skies and, as you approach St. Moritz, the sense of anticipation grows – be it your first or hundredth visit.

This sense of wonder doesn’t stop once you arrive at St. Moritz station or Samedan airport: it may, on the contrary, be magnified all the more. A white-gloved chauffeur welcomes you as you step off the train, and a feeling of being special, of belonging, pervades you. With a mellow »This way, Sir« he guides you to one of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s Rolls-Royces – a luxury crowning what is already pure extravagance. The hotel owns three Rolls-Royces, one of which – the Royce Phantom – was once owned by none other than Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of England. It may seem like an exaggeration, but no - only the very best of luxury cars can transport you to your destination in St. Moritz. You sit back, relax and let the driver whisk you away towards the doors of the hotel. Not having to worry about how to get there is a luxury in itself, as it gives you time to take in the beauty that surrounds you. Enjoy each moment and let the driver take care of it all. Revel in the pleasant change of pace, something we rarely do in our frenetic everyday lives.

Once you arrive at the hotel, more pleasant surprises await you. Everything but ordinary, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is the perfect place to indulge in boundless opulence, enjoy first-class service and relax in the glamorous, prestigious atmosphere which characterises St. Moritz in general and the property in particular.

As you alight from the Rolls-Royce in front of the hotel’s imposingly magnificent façade, you fully comprehend why Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has been welcoming new and satisfied returning guests for 120 years now: the attention to detail, the elegance, the hotel’s unique atmosphere are just a few reasons why people keep on going back. The complimentary »Royal Arrival« is yet another reason, one that sets Badrutt’s Palace Hotel apart from the rest.