IGNIV@Badrutt's Palace

Starting from the 2016 / 17 winter season the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel amazed its guests with a new culinary project – a one-off in St. Moritz, yet anything but an unknown concept. On December 21st 2016 IGNIV – in English »nest« - by Andreas Caminada inaugurated its second restaurant, just one year after the first opening at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. At the heart of the Fine-Dining-Sharing-Experience offered by IGNIV is the time spent together and the sharing of the compositions featured in the menu.

Grisons-native three-Michelin-starred chef Andreas Caminada and the Managing    Director & Delegate of the Board of the Swiss luxury hotel Hans Wiedemann are    certain that this will prove to be a successful partnership and cooperation. »Andreas Caminada and his inventiveness-filled creations perfectly cap off the current offer of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel; we are glad to welcome this addition to our gastronomic family, « says Hans Wiedemann with a satisfied smile. The rooms occupied by the restaurant Le Relais at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel were renovated to reflect the typical IGNIV style and its image of »cosy nest«. The creative mind Andreas Caminada has found the time for a little chat with us:


BPH (Badrutt's Palace Hotel): Allegra Mr. Caminada. Thank you for finding the time to chat with us about you and your second »Nest«. If you had to describe the IGNIV restaurant project in just one sentence to someone who has never heard of it, what would you say? 
AC (Andreas Caminada): The concept behind the IGNIV restaurant represents values like »sharing«, »convivial exchange« and »well-being«. In a setting of »Casual-Fine-Dining« we offer our guests excellent dishes and exquisite service, synonymous with pure pleasure.

BPH: Why the name IGNIV? What do you personally associate to the word »Nest«?
AC: To me, the word »nest« symbolizes convivial intimacy and moments of well-being. The spontaneous atmosphere resulting from it is a marvellous place to meet friends and family as well as for business guests.

BPH: Your restaurant Schloss Schauenstein stands for gourmet cuisine, IGNIV for Fine-Dining-Sharing-Experience. Except for the concept of sharing, where is the difference between the two projects?
AC: With IGNIV we deliberately strayed off the typical gourmet path. We don’t offer the usual sequence of dishes; each guest can choose their own personal composition of three or four courses with many different choices. Each dish is then served in plates and bowls different from one another – guests can also choose up to 18 components of the dish. The challenge: for some foods guests need to reach an agreement with their fellow diners (laughs).

BPH: From December 21st 2016 the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel will be home to a second IGNIV. Why not a second gourmet restaurant or a completely new brand?
AC: The hotel and restaurant Schloss Schauenstein needs my presence 100 %, so it would be unthinkable for me to start a second gourmet project elsewhere. From the very outset the IGNIV project was designed to be replicable. After all, it would be a pity if we could not develop a project that is proving such a success – and the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is the right place to do it.

BPH: Why do Andreas Caminada and the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel go so well together?
AC: The Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and I share the same values: we both strive to bring our guests as perfect an experience as possible. To achieve this we need consistent top-notch quality and a tireless commitment to guests, so that their stay may be truly unforgettable. Also, the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is the »Grand Dame« of the Swiss luxury hotel industry, and the opportunity to become part of this traditional family has always had a special allure to us – we are glad we made it.

BPH: How can you manage so many projects – three future restaurants, your magazine – the new Bookazine – and your foundation FUNDAZIUN UCCELIN?
AC: Running a restaurant is not a »One-Man-Show«. Fortunately I am surrounded by many talented, committed, passionate associates sharing the same spirit, passion and drive – it couldn’t possibly work without them.

BPH: In this context, what is your typical workday like?
AC: I normally wake up at 7.30 am with my kids, have breakfast with them and usually leave the house between 9.30 and 11.00 am. I’m at the Schauenstein Schloss until a little after midnight and get home at about 1:00 am.

BPH: Do you still personally cook very often?
AC: Fortunately I do! Cooking is still my main job and the most important part of my business. I am happy I can create and test new menus with my cooks.

BPH: When you’re not busy with your different projects how do you unwind or spend your free time?
AC: My free time belongs to my family. Once in a while I also like to play a little golf. 

BPH: To conclude, what is the ingredient that cannot be missing in any IGNIV menu?
AC: The exciting culinary journey one can share in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, family or even on business occasions.

BPH: Mr. Caminada, thank you for your time and your answers. We look forward to setting out on an exciting gastronomic journey with IGNIV in the unique atmosphere of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.