Le Grand Hall: St. Moritz’s catwalk

Everything about Le Grand Hall is grand: from the high ceilings to the imposing columns, from the large windows to the oversized armchairs. The space, airy and bright, is awash with light, and while the wood panelling creates an intimate feel, the plush Persian rugs lend the otherwise fabulously elegant hall a certain cosiness. No wonder Le Grand Hall  is famous throughout St. Moritz and the world for its exquisite atmosphere. Sitting at one of its tables, you feel relaxed, comfortable and, above all, entertained.

St. Moritz’s posh living room

Le Grand Hall has always been known as »the living room of St. Moritz«, and rightly so. Nowhere else does the grand, breathtaking architecture of Badrutt's Palace Hotel become more apparent than in this legendary and magnificent lobby. This is where guests can linger, chat, eat, drink or simply sit down and people-watch. The hall is a catwalk where the rich, beautiful and famous go to see and be seen, and it’s not unheard of to spot a celebrity walking past en route to their room.

From tea to champagne

Of course there’s more to do in Le Grand Hall than just sitting and people-watching, although these two activities never get dull! The beautiful hall is also a perfect backdrop to some of the finest pleasures in life. Open from 10 a.m. until midnight, Le Grand Hall has comfortable chairs and tables where guests can have a bite to eat, relax with a drink or indulge in their favourite guilty pleasure – be it a cake or cocktail. The in-house patisserie displays its delicious delicacies every day – perfect for a mid-morning snack, with afternoon tea or as an after-dinner indulgence. And speaking of tea, Le Grand Hall is renowned for serving an amazing English-style tea with more than 28 types of infusions to choose from, besides finger sandwiches, scones and much, much more – a real treat for a relaxing meeting with friends. Le Grand Hall also specialises in aperitifs and cocktails, and there are so many that a small book has had to be compiled especially to list them! From apple martinis to side cars, they’re all there. A caviar buffet and a varied menu complete the line-up: whether you’re in the mood for a burger or for foie gras – Le Grand Hall has the tastiest choices around.

A grand meeting place

Le Grand Hall is a meeting place, panorama and stage all in one – the undisputed heart of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, and it’s open to everyone, so outside guests can also enjoy some of the hotel’s glitz and glamour and mix and mingle with those staying in the rooms upstairs. Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock and Herbert von Karajan are just some of the many great artists who have been inspired by the timeless beauty of Le Grand Hall, a place which, to this day, has lost none of its regal charm.