TOP hiking & biking – concierge tips

Wide and spacious, the Engadin valley is famous for being beautiful and sunny, with dramatic high peaks, lush woods and blue, cloudless skies. In the springtime, after the snow melts away and nature awakens from the cold winter months, its green pastures are covered with colourful blooms, creating a perfect backdrop for exploring the valley on foot or by mountain bike.

Ascend with ease: the Engadin mountain railway network

Thanks to the exceptional mountain railway network, St. Moritz has easy access to many local peaks: hiking enthusiasts can reach Piz Nair, the Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Corviglia in a matter of minutes to take in some stunning views and start their adventures.

Easy does it

One of the best ways to get acquainted with hiking in the area is the Muottas Muragl Panorama Trail, absolutely perfect for those who don’t feel ready for walks that are too demanding. Challenging but never overly steep, this hike offers stunning views of the Bernina Massif and the opportunity to admire the blue waters of precious and tiny Alpine lakes. A leisurely lunch on the panoramic terrace of the Berghotel Muottas is in order for those who enjoy dining with a view: a classic barley soup or a beef tartare are even more delicious when savoured against the dramatic backdrop of the Swiss Alps!

Free hiking & biking pass
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers you a free mountain railway pass if you stay at least two nights – great added value that makes the idea of a summer holiday in the area even more attractive.

For snow aficionados

While some of us love the summer, others might already be missing the snow. The latter will be happy to know that, from now on, they don’t have to wait for the winter to enjoy some snowy fun! The Corvatsch Glacier Walk is a new summer attraction sure to strike a chord with winter lovers. Its »Play Zone«, an area of about 8000 m², lets guests have fun on the perpetual snow and ice of the glacier. Imagine this: you could even use a sledge or have a snowball fight in the middle of July! And since we all know that playing in the snow helps to work up an appetite, both the restaurants located at the middle and summit stations of the Corvatsch cable car are open all summer. The Panorama Restaurant, situated at 3303 metres above sea level, is not only amazing because of its views, it is also ideal for absolutely everyone, including those looking for gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan dishes. What more could you want?

From peak to valley

It’s virtually impossible to get bored in Engadin and there are trails to suit every ability and ambition, no matter whether you’re looking for a short, easy walk or to push your limits on an all-day hike. And for those who want to try barefoot trails, there are two in Celerina, where walkers can feel at one with nature while exploring woods and meadows with no shoes on. Sounds crazy? You know what they say… don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You’ll be amazed at how pleasant it feels beneath your feet…

A route for foodies

Prefer eating to hiking? Then try the Via Gastronomica, where trails of different lengths guide hikers to amazing mountain huts like La Chüdera, to sample some of the best local favourites such as polenta, a selection of cheeses and grilled meats. Or, if you prefer, the concierge at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel will organise the perfect picnic for you. Just say the word and a basket will be ready for you before your hike!

Two-wheeled entertainment

Bike trails, too, are plentiful: in the past few years the biking path network has been expanded and now includes over 400 kilometres of exciting and exhilarating routes, some down by the lake at the bottom of the valley, some up high closer to the peaks. Both beginners and pros will find the perfect trail to suit their style, and they are all bound to be impressed by the breathtaking views encountered at every turn. Avid bikers can test their stamina on the Bernina Express trail to Poschiavo or the Suvretta Loop into Val Bever, while those who prefer riding downhill will love the Corviglia flow trails, which are also perfect for those travelling with children aged 12 and upwards. Regardless of where you decide to pedal, after a full day of biking you’ll definitely deserve a break: a refreshing cocktail on the terrace of ›Le Grand Hall‹ will quench your thirst and recharge your batteries before dinner!