27 July 2018

Badrutt's Palace Pop-up Museum

Visit our pop-up museum and learn more about the history of the Badrutt's Palace Hotel.

122 years ago, the hotel pioneer Caspar Badrutt opened the Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St. Moritz. Since its opening in July 1896, the traditional house has attracted many well-known guests who have contributed to the history of the hotel. The archive of Badrutt's Palace Hotel is a treasure trove of unique possessions from 122 years of hotel history. In order to bring the archive closer to the public, the Hotel is opening a museum for a short time this summer. The pop-up museum shows the hotel life of the time, from the arduous journey with the old original suitcases to the old service de toilette in the private rooms, you will find some very old objects of the archive.

In addition to original furniture, fabrics, pictures and accessories, the history of the Badrutt sons is also shown by means of pieces from the private family collection. It begins with the founder of Badrutt's Palace, Mr. Caspar Badrutt.

The Pop-up Museum is open daily until the end of the summer season 2018 and is freely accessible. At the entrance of the museum is a livre d'or; All visitors are requested to leave their impressions of the museum in the guest book.