24 July 2018

Middle Eastern delicacies at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

1001 nights in St. Moritz: From 5th July to 18th August 2019, our guest chef Bahzad Mohamad Barafi from Syria will take you to the culinary world of the Middle East.

Enjoy a culinary journey to distant lands this summer. For three weeks, our guest chef Mohammed Barafi will prepare Arabic specialties such as hummus, tabbouleh or fatoush for you. Badrutt's Palace Hotel is delighted to be able to offer you this culinary experience in a class of its own.

Mohammed Barafi began his career right after school in Damascus and immediately cooked in many luxury hotels and famous restaurants in Damascus, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Kuwait and most recently in Dubai. In Dubai, he was one of the opening team of the Burj al Arab. He has been specializing in high-end events for the past 17 years and has the honor of serving royal families in the United Arab Emirates.