About us

Badrutt's Philosphy

Where Generations Meet. Since 1896.

A fairy tale castle where your wishes come true. Family owned since 1896. Tradition and pioneering as a success recipe. Never forgetting the roots and at the same time looking straight ahead. Developing new ideas and dare to implement these. With great attention to detail and long-term employees. Everything is possible if you want to, or as our Managing Director Hans Wiedemann always says: «We just say «No» a litle bit later than others.»



Badrutt's Management

Our Team

  • Hans Wiedemann, Managing Director & Delegate of the Board 
  • Yves Gardiol, Chief Executive Officer
  • Richard Leuenberger, General Manager
  • Stefan Noll, EAM in charge of Rooms Division
  • Regula Peter, Director of Human Resources
  • Andreas Eggimann, Financial Controller 
  • Illu Carvell, Director of Sales & Marketing

Since 2002 certified according to ISO9001. Always exceeding the expectations of our guests. This is our claim. We strive for top-class quality and work hard every day, with high commitment, to improve our service.

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