The Beehive
of St. Moritz

Famed as the oldest nightclub in Switzerland, King’s Club at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has enjoyed a distinguished reputation as a legendary night spot for generations of St. Moritz jetsetters. In winter 2018/19 it was re-born as King’s Social House, in collaboration with celebrated British chef and restaurateur, Jason Atherton. Join us and celebrate with us at this new Dining & Dancing hotspot of St. Moritz!



A keen skier, Atherton has long cited St. Moritz as his favourite ski destination and is excited to contribute to its growing gastronomic landscape. A true passion project, Atherton comments, “I love to ski with my family in St. Moritz and have been going for as long as I remember. I enjoy the energy and excitement of skiing and want to echo this in a dining experience for customers that is somewhere they can socialise and integrate. The service, atmosphere and sharing plates on the menu encourage a sociable dining experience; a place where people can visit not only for the food quality but as a truly special place where they can be comfortable and cherish time with loved ones.”

Jason Atherton

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King's Social House

Life is too exciting to stay put? Then get up, step out, and fling yourself into a buzzing night of Dining&Dancing!
Discover the new place to be in the heart of cosmopolitan St. Moritz and breathe an atmosphere that simply reeks with brimming mirth, cold brews and hot music.
Just be sure to follow us closely – because IT’S ALL GOING OFF-PISTE!


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    Opening hours

    Closed during the summer 2020

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    Smart Casual

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