Small, smaller, greatest

Small size, but already gigantic ideas. The next Palace-generation knows exactly what they want. And thanks to our »Junior General Manager« we know about these ideas in our family-friendly hotel in St. Moritz. So the parents can sit back, relax and read the long-awaited book. More than one page - and without constant interruption.


The kids' Eldorado

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers an unparalleled range of services to keep your little ones safe and entertained: discover the magic Kids’ Club Palazzino.

Kids' Club Palazzino

»I want to go to the Kids' Club!«. The parents of our youngest guests must be able to live with this sentance, once they are back home. The programme for the 3 to 12-year-old is always very entertaining.

Daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., under supervision from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. With outdoor playground. Free of charge for hotel guests. Registration required.

Game & Fun

  • Kids´ Cooking class

    Oh yeah. »Ham, ham« or »bake, bake cakes« in the great Palace kitchen. A dream. Of course, every child is professionally equipped with apron and chef's hat. Snacking is allowed. Who wouldn´t like to become a pastry chef after that? It is the perfect job: He can eat Palace chocolate Türmli the whole day...

  • Kids Disco

    There are nights when the bouncer of the King's Club is already there at 6.00 p.m. Before the regularly scheduled pyjama parties for VIK's (very important kids) he has a tough job. Only those who follow the strict dress code (»pyjama only«) and are not afraid of an extensive pillow fight, may enter the club.

  • Kids Yoga

    »Greeting the sun« the kids way: Yoga also does the little ones good. They relax during the playful exercises. Private lessons for CHF 90.00 (20 minutes) or in a group for CHF 25.00 (20 minutes).

  • Kids Massage

    While mum enjoys her massage, the princess is next door. The child-friendly, therapeutic massage with organic oils is carried out by a female therapist - on a water bed with colored lights. Fun for the kids is not neglected.

    20 minutes for CHF 90.00.

  • Ice-skating 

    Have you already met the penguins on the Palace ice-field? Your kids will discover the animals immediately. How much fun. Come and borrow our skates for a family freestyle or a thrilling hockey match.

  • Engadin Kids Sport Camps

    Canoeing, sailing, climbing or playing tennis? Your children will love the professional and entertaining sports weeks of the Engadin Kids Sport Camp. Participation in the camp in the unique nature of the Engadine is possible in the summer for children from 3 years. From Monday to Friday, the kids can get to know many cool activities full-time or half-day and strengthen team spirit and creativity.

    In groups of a maximum of 10 children, the little ones explore the surroundings in numerous sports and are supervised completely. The groups are divided according to the language skills of the children.