As courageous as a ski jumper

He left his family to start out on his own: Johannes Badrutt was as courageous as a ski jumper. Without him St. Moritz would not be the same as it is today: a popular and glamorous winter sport destination. World-famous for its legendary Grand Hotel. Thanks to Johannes´ bet that brought the English to the Engadin. 


The party never ends

From elephants in the hall to sea lions in the pool, parties in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel are nothing short of legendary. 

A normal winter's day at the Palace Hotel

Tradition and quality endure. So it says daily in the ads. If the sales arguments are still the same almost 90 years later, it seems like tradition, quality and innovation were actually proven - and the glamour-factor is still there.

The Palace Story - a bestseller


The beginning

Johannes Badrutt takes over the 12 bed Pension Faller in St. Moritz and upgrades it into a hotel with the name Engadiner Kulm (today's Kulm Hotel).


The legendary bet

Caspar Badrutt (1848-1904), son of Johannes Badrutt, purchases the St. Moritz Hotel Beau Rivage, built in 1872 by C. Rungger. He charges the renowned Swiss architects Chiodera and Tschudi with the remodelling of the hotel. The hotel is also renamed Palace Hotel. Johannes Badrutt wins a wager and brings the first English tourists to St. Moritz for winter sports. He builds curling rinks and the world's first toboggan run and, in doing so, invents alpine winter tourism.


The official opening of the Palace

Official opening of the Palace Hotel on July 29th. Caspar's son Hans Badrutt (1876-1953) joins the management in 1898. His father dies in 1904.


The first indoor tennis courts

The dining room, today Le Restaurant, and the first indoor tennis courts on the European continent are built (no longer in use).


The purchase of the Chesa Veglia

The historical Chesa Veglia is bought and converted into a rustic-style restaurant.


Helen Badrutt runs the hotel with her son Andrea

Following the death of Hans Badrutt, his wife Helen runs the hotel with her stepson Andrea. Helen dies in 1960 and her sons Andrea Badrutt (1910-1998) and Hansjürg Badrutt (born in 1930) continue to run the Palace Hotel together.


The fire

The Palace Tower, the legendary symbol of the hotel is destroyed by fire.


The Acapulco complex

The Acapulco complex is built with its swimming pool, fitness centre and restaurant.


The Suot Mulin complex

The Suot Mulin complex with apartments and suites is built.


Opening of the exclusive Health Club and Spa area

The first renovation phase gets under way, 70 rooms are refurbished and modernised. Opening of the Health Club and ›Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa‹ featuring 10 light-filled treatment rooms, plus the opening of Emilio Pucci and Loro Piana boutiques.


Construction of the Kids’ Club Palazzino

Renovation of a further 60 rooms, all provided with the Nortel multifunctional telephone system and other state-of-the-art technology, such as an infrared keyboard for easy operation of the entertainment equipment. Redesign of the reception and construction of the Kids’ Club Palazzino covering 250 m2. Opening of the Chopard and De Grisogono Boutiques in the hotel.


A new shopping experience

Opening of the Palace Gift Shop with its own comprehensive merchandising collection. Opening of the luxurious Serletta
designer shopping complex (2,000 m2) facing the main entrance to Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Today it is renamed Palace Galerie.


Opening of the Helen & Hans Badrutt Suites

Opening of two new luxurious suites: The spectacular Hans Badrutt Suite on the second floor with a surface area of 180 m2; spacious marble lobby, three generous bedrooms – all with luxury Italian marble bathrooms, luxurious, comfortably appointed salon with a piano, wood-lined Engadin library, kitchenette, Jacuzzi, steam bath, state-of-the-art technical appliances and security precautions. The unique and exclusive Helen Badrutt Suite with a surface area of 150 m2 spacious entrance area in marble, three luxuriously appointed bedrooms with Italian marble bathrooms, an exclusively furnished salon, lobby, kitchenette and state-of-the-art technical appliances.

Renovation and enlargement of the in-house Ski Shop with state-of-the-art ski equipment rentals.


A new boat

Both the north and south facades are renovated in two stages. New balconies are installed, offering a stunning new view of the lake and mountains from the south-facing rooms, and new windows are installed throughout the hotel. New exterior lighting concept introduced. All rooms and suites are fitted with plasma screen TVs.


The Palace turns 110 and heats with heat pump

On 29th July Badrutt’s Palace Hotel proudly celebrates its 110th anniversary.
From the winter season 2006/07 onwards Badrutt’s Palace Hotel heats the premises with an innovative eco-friendly heat pump system using water from Lake St. Moritz.


The Beau Rivage wing

The Beau Rivage wing is renovated with new rooms and suites.


Renovation ›Palace Wellness‹ Phase 1

Completion of Business Centre at the Beau Rivage wing and of the new conference rooms Roni Pieper I and II.
Start of the three step renovation of the entire wellness area. From that point on Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is responsible for the entire Palace Wellness inclusive of the Kids’ Club Palazzino . Total investment of 70 million Swiss Francs.
Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 1:
-Pool area and lift extension project with new grotto reception area.


Renovation ›Palace Wellness‹ Phase 2

Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 2:
- Treatment Centre with 10 treatment rooms
- Palace Spa/Wet Zone with various saunas and steam baths


Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 3

Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 3:
- Renovation of Kids’ Club Palazzino
- Fitness Centre
- Restaurant La Diala


The Palace turns 115

On 29th July Badrutt’s Palace Hotel proudly celebrated its 115th anniversary.


Renovation of the 6th and 8th floor

Renovation of the 6th and 8th floor. All rooms are updated and provided with state-of-the-art technology, such as a LED TV, multimedia hub and PlayStation 3.


Resident Manager Angelo Martinelli & the new restaurant

Renovation of the 5th floor. All rooms are updated and provided with state-of-the-art technology.
A new restaurant is being constructed within the former indoor tennis ground (Phase I).
On 18th December, Resident Manager Angelo Martinelli celebrates his 50th anniversary at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.


Renovation of the 7th floor

Renovation of the 7th floor. All rooms are updated and provided with state-of-the-art technology.


The Palace celebrates its 120th anniversary

On 29th July 2016, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel celebrated its 120th anniversary. With regards to this special jubilee the traditional hotel presented unique events and highlights to their guests, friends, business partners and the local community.