Little snow flake, little white coat

There is always something fascinating about water: How about sipping some Champagne in the outdoor pool of our Wellness hotel in St. Moritz while the little snow flakes are coming down? Detox with the sole steam? Or chill at the whirlpool while going down the slopes in your mind once more? Up to you. Water relaxes. Little snow flake, little white coat. 

Jacuzzi Badrutt's Palace

An ever-evolving concept of wellness in Badrutt's Palace

Discover our ever-changing concept of wellbeing, and see why Palace Wellness is always a step ahead of the rest. 



The famous granite diving rock is calling! Every loyal guest of Badrutt´s Palace Hotel has done it at least once: diving into the oval shaped Palace-pool. Inside and out: Panoramic views everywhere. A visit to the heated outdoor pool of the Wellness Hotel in St. Moritz is highly recommended. Take your partner when it´s snowing - very romantic. 

  • 25 meters infinity indoor pool (depth of 3.80 meters)
  • Outdoor pool with panoramic views
  • Whirlpool


  • Weekly membership CHF 400.00, per person
  • Seasonal membership CHF 2500.00, per person

Palace Spa

Why have a Thai-spa if the magic of the Engadine is just on the doorstep? The Palace-spa relates with its surroundings. In the changing rooms you smell pine wood. In the Centre of the Palace Spa/Wet Zone is an Engadine fountain, acting as an eyecatcher. A Classic local sgraffito painting and a colourful stained glass window represent extraordinary handcrafts of local artists.

  • Sauna (Ladies only) 55° C / 55 %
  • Mixed Sauna 85° C / 10-20 %
  • Ice Room
  • Mist Room
  • Aroma Steam Room 45° C / 100 %
  • Salt Steam Room 40° C / 100 %
  • Massage Shower
  • Rain Shower

How to Spa

  • Keep hydrated by drinking sufficient water before and during therapies.
  • Commence with a warm massage shower to clean, hydrate, stimulate and promote circulation.
  • Sauna promotes circulation and relaxes the muscles without causing sweating.
  • Salt steam is best to treat clogged pores, problem skin and to cleanse and detoxify through sweating.
  • Aroma steam is most suited to clear the respiratory system, cleanse and detoxify through sweating.
  • Rain Shower cleanses the skin of toxin residue after heat therapies.
  • Mist Room produces a light cold mist to settle on your skin for cooling and closing the pores. Alternatively, crushed ice from the ice room may be applied directly onto your skin for the same effect.
  • Rest on the warm stone bench between stimulating therapies.
  • The Relax Room provides an atmosphere for the necessary rest as a conclusion.

Good to know

  • Spa Etiquette

    Spa Etiquette
  • Opening hours

    Opening hours

    Treatment Centre 
    11.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. 
    Palace Spa & Pools
    8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. 
    Fitness Centre 
    8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. 

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