The harmony of silence

Silence. Harmony. Slowing down. Like in the Engadine mountains. When entering the Treatment Centre, you miraculously calm down. Flowers carved in pine wood blossom on the ceiling. The guest can »smell« pure harmony: Paradisea, Primrose or even Iris. 

spa treatment at Palace Wellness St. Moritz best spa in switzerland and st. moritz

Massage Therapies

  1. Relaxation Massage

    Face and body massage designed to relieve tension, promote circulation and relax the nervous system.

    • 50 minutes CHF 190
    • 80 minutes CHF 240
  2. Deep Tissue Massage

    This deep and penetrating muscular massage works on loosening general stiffness and congestion from the body.

    • 50 minutes CHF 210
    • 80 minutes CHF 260
  3. Après-Ski / Après-Sport Massage

    A body massage technique to reduce muscle fatigue brought about by its overuse and strain. The treatment is combined with a medicated herbal oil to strengthen and rejuvenate muscle tissues and improve mobility.

    • 50 minutes CHF 210
    • 80 minutes CHF 270
  4. Therapeutic Massage

    This massage is beneficial for those suffering from muscle tension, restriction of movement brought about by either poor posture or misalignment of the physical body. It commences with specific breathing and stretching techniques to assist in loosening the body. A series of therapeutic massage techniques then follows to bring relief whilst improving mobility and balance.

    • 40 minutes CHF 190
    • 80 minutes CHF 340
  5. Thai Massage

    This body massage is brought about by a fusion of traditional Eastern therapies. Its method is to work the body into a series of yoga like stretches, muscle compression, joint mobilisation and acupressure. Loose clothing should be worn during this treatment.

    • 50 minutes CHF 190
    • 80 minutes CHF 240
  6. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    A light massage technique aimed to eliminate fluid retention and toxins through the lymphatic system.

    • 50 minutes CHF 170
    • 80 minutes CHF 230
  7. Reflexology

    The application of pressure on specic points of the feet taps into various areas of the body to improve circulation, relieve tension and help promote the natural function of the organs and systems in the body. Loose clothing can be worn during this treatment.

    • 50 minutes CHF 150
  8. Aroma Alpine Cleanse

    An aromatherapy hot stone massage combined with Alpeor’s special blend of essential oils. Its stimulating antiseptic qualities activate and help to decongest the system. Not suitable during pregnancy or breast feeding.

    • 50 minutes CHF 210
    • 80 minutes CHF 270
  9. Herbal Poultice Massage

    Warm organic herbal poultices massage offering a choice of either: Relaxation, Detoxification or Rejuvenation.

    • 50 minutes CHF 210

Ayurvedic Therapies

  1. Abhyanga

    An Ayurvedic massage which uses speci c herbal oils to bene t your constitution. A stimulating treatment for the face and body designed to detoxify, loosen stiffness, relieve fatigue, improve mobility and ultimately enhance wellbeing.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 160
  2. Shiro Abhyanga

    An Ayurvedic oil massage for the scalp that is aimed to relieve tension, give clarity to the mind and improve quality of sleep. It is also a highly beneficial treatment for strengthening hair and reducing hair loss. Recommended post treatment to Abhyanga.

    • 20 Minutes CHF 90
  3. Shirodhara

    This traditional Ayurvedic therapy commences with a meditation Exercise awakening of senses followed by a warm rhythmic ow of a nourishing herbal oil blend over the Ajna or 6th Chakra to regulate the mind instilling peace and harmony within.

    • 40 Minutes CHF 140
  4. Stress Relief Therapy

    An ideal therapy for stress, jetlag or sleep disorders, using the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda and methods to restore balance, we have created a therapeutic massage to calm the mind and relax the body into a blissful state of sleep. The massage is performed on a waterbed activated by speci c Chakra lights to improve the therapeutic process.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 210
  5. Pain Relief Therapy

    A specialised treatment using balms and oils with analgesic herbal extracts to reduce pain, detoxify, nourish, strengthen and help rehabilitate the joints and muscle tissues. An ideal therapy aimed to treat arthritic problems or assist in the healing of minor injuries.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 280

Body Purification

  1. Cell Repair

    This treatment focuses on calming skin dermatitis, scalp irritation, damaged nails and hair. We have combined therapeutic organic oils by Parodi Nutra along with a sequence to nourish and harmonize the skin.

    • 20 Minutes CHF 130
    • 50 Minutes CHF 220
  2. Alpine Skin Renewal

    A luxury anti-aging treatment for the whole body commences with a skin exfoliation using a floral blend with Alpine salt crystals and essential oils. It concludes with a body massage using rich nourishing ingredients giving the skin a satiny smooth finish.

    • 80 minutes CHF 250
  3. Derma Restore

    A skin repair treatment which aims to reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 310
  4. Trim & Tone Massage

    A stimulating massage designed to break down excess fat build up in the tissues. The process uses organic herbal ingredients to tone, improve circulation, increase metabolism and stimulate the lymphatic system.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 220
  5. Body Lift CVS

    Recommended as post weight loss treatment to rm up and tone the distended tissues. The treatment commences with a deep exfoliation using a sparkling cocktail of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acid. The system breathes new life into the skin to absorb a moisturizing and protective complex applied by a Bio-Re ex massage. As a result, skin feels like satin, the contours of body and décolleté are re-shaped and toned.

    • 90 minutes CHF 310
  6. Slimming Body Wrap

    Breaks down fatty tissue, improves skin texture and reduces body contour. A rich array of ingredients including Alpine salts, spirulina, coffee, guarana, snow algae and essential oils come together in this treatment to create a slimming effect.

    • 110 minutes CHF 365
  7. Body Shape & Detox

    This highly effective treatment reshapes the body and energises the system. It is designed to breakdown fatty tissue and toxins using specific ingredients including Algae. The process also opens the channels to facilitate the elimination of toxins and uid retention. This treatment is recommended for immediate results in the weight loss process and for general body purification.

    • 180 minutes CHF 550

Beauty Woman

  1. Manicure

    A complete manicure

    • 40 Minutes nude nails CHF 90
    • 50 Minutes (standard polish) CHF 100
    • 60 Minutes (French polish) CHF 120
  2. Mani

    Basis Nagelmodellage

    • 20 Minutes nude nails CHF 40
    • 30 Minutes (standard polish) CHF 50
    • 40 Minutes (French polish) CHF 70
  3. Shellac Nails

    Nail and cuticles care with Shellac application

    • 80 minutes CHF 180
  4. Pedicure

    A complete pedicure with Jacuzzi

    • 70 Minutes nude nails CHF 150
    • 80 Minutes (standard polish) CHF 160
    • 90 Minutes (French polish) CHF 180
  5. Pedi

    Basic nails shape

    • 30 Minutes nude nails CHF 50
    • 40 Minutes (standard polish) CHF 60
    • 50 Minutes (French polish) CHF 80
  6. Shellac Removal

    Removal of Shellac, Manicure with nude nails or standard polish

    • 80 minutes CHF 180
  7. Skin Care Makeup

    • Mini Facial with Makeup (80 Minutes) CHF 210
    • Makeup (60 Minutes) CHF 150
    • Test makeup with consultation (per Hour) CHF 80
  8. Lash & Brow

    • Eye lash lamination (80 Minutes) CHF 210
    • Eye lash tint CHF 60
    • Eye brow tint CHF 50
    • Lash & brow tint CHF 90
  9. Solarium

    • 15 minutes CHF 55
    • 20 minutes CHF 60
  10. Epilation

    • Half leg CHF 80
    • Full leg CHF 120
    • Bikini CHF 100
    • Brazilian CHF 130
    • Under arms CHF 60
    • Upper lip CHF 40
    • Eyebrows CHF 50
    • Arm wax CHF 80
  11. Deep Cleansing Purifying Facial

    A deep cleansing facial treatment designed to remove impurities, hydrate, rebalance and calm the skin. It’s an ideal treatment to maintain the quality of the skin or prepare it for more specialised facial treatments.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 230
  12. Riches Montagnes

    Experience the velvety richness of Swiss Mountains. A multinourishing, replenishing and revitalizing facial speci c for dry skin.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 195
  13. Regenerating Vernix Facial

    Facial treatment for sensitive, deficient, stressed skin using a recreated »Vernix« formula. Boosts the repair of damaged skin, optimizes hydration, accelerates epidermal reconstruction and regeneration.

    • 50 minutes CHF 250
    • 80 minutes CHF 310
  14. Oxygen Facial By Intraceuticals

    The first of its kind, this oxygen facial procedure is suitable for any skin type and is popular in giving instant visible results. Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of rejuvenating or age defying serums to the skin. This instantly hydrates, firms, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves facial cont- ours and its overall radiance.

    • 1 Serum - 50 Minutes CHF 400
    • 1 Serum, additional cleansing - 80 Minutes CHF 500
    • 2 Serums - 80 Minutes CHF 550
    • Course - 6 treatments including home care kit CHF 2400
  15. The Electroporation Cure

    The use of the Remodelling Face machine with electroporation, a high frequency impulse current, makes the upper layer of the epidermis more permeable and increases the bioavailability of the serum with its high concentration of active ingredients.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 250
    • Complete Cure – 5 Treatments with 5 additional cocktails for home care CHF 1600
  16. Triple Lift Facial

    A specially designed facial treatment to lift, tone refine and plump the skin, which has lost its firmness and strength. The two hour process also helps to stimulate the epidermis natural defence system and thus maintain the skin’s youth capital.

    • 120 Minutes CHF 450
  17. Second Skin Facial

    This ultimate innovative skin renewal facial treatment provides visible results improving the quality of skin damaged by the aging process. A world first in professional beauty products, this regenerating and lifting treatment is created using an electro spun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid. As an initial program, we recommend 3 sessions in 1 week for optimum results.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 430
    • 3 treatments per week CHF 1100
  18. Serum 3R Facial

    Most suitable for mature devitalized skin, it is aimed at reconditioning the skin’s epidermal platform. A combination treatment using Cryo sticks and the serum 3R, it provides a decongesting and regenerating action to the overall skin, neck and decollete.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 310

Beauty for Men

  1. Grooming & Purifying Facial

    This deep cleansing facial treatment is designed to remove impurities, hydrate, rebalance and calm the skin; complete with general grooming including eyebrow trim and shape

    • 80 Minutes CHF 230
  2. Age Defying Premium Facial

    An advanced premium facial treatment aimed to give a global reduction of the skin’s ageing on three levels: minimises wrinkles, firms and improves skin’s vitality.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 320
  3. Revive & Restore

    A purifying and energising body massage followed by a facial treatment specific to your skin type. This is an ideal treatment for those su ering from tiredness, lethargy and sallow skin lacking in lustre. This complete body massage gives further benefit to the facial treatment as it activates the entire system in the rejuvenating process.

    • 100 Minutes CHF 410
  4. Oxygen Facial By Intraceuticals

    The first of its kind, this oxygen facial procedure is suitable for any skin type and is popular in giving instant visible results. Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of rejuvenating or age defying serums to the skin. This instantly hydrates, firms, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves facial contours and its overall radiance.

    • 1 Serum - 50 Minutes CHF 400
    • 1 Serum – additional cleansing (80 Minutes) CHF 500
    • 2 Serums (80 Minutes) CHF 550
  5. Purifying Back Skin

    This detoxifying skin treatment purifies clogged pores on the back and neck area. It concludes with a neck and shoulder massage to further drain toxins through the lymphatic system.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 180
  6. Gentlemen’s Manicure

    A complete grooming for the hands, nails and cuticles including exfoliation and hand massage.

    • 50 Minutes CHF 100
  7. Gentlemen’s Pedicure

    A detailed nail and foot care ritual complete with an aromatherapy foot massage to relieve fatigue and fluid retention.

    • 80 Minutes CHF 160
  8. Gentlemen’s Epilation

    • Per 20 Minutes CHF 80

Wellness Packages

  1. Total Beauty (2 Days)

    Alpine Skin Renewal
    Regenerating Vernix Facial with Eye Treatment (80 Minutes)
    Mani & Pedi with Standard Polish
    Second Skin Facial
    Hair Therapy
    Wash & Blow-dry

    • 1 Programm CHF 1000
  2. Total Wellbeing (2 Days)

    Stress Relief Therapy
    Guided Meditation with Pranayama Yoga Session
    Personal Training
    Revive & Restore Treatment

    • 1 Programm CHF 800

Kids Care, Fun & Play

  1. Kid's Yoga (Ages 6-12)

    This specially designed yoga program for our young clients includes a sense of play.

    • 40 minutes (private) CHF 90
    • 40 minutes (group) CHF 25
  2. Kid’s Massage (Ages 6 – 12)

    A therapeutic massage just for kids aimed at supporting healthy growth performed by our experienced female therapists using organic oils.

    • 20 Minutes CHF 90
  3. Kid’s Haircut

    • - CHF 50
  4. Kid’s Blow-Dry

    • - CHF 30