#St. Moritz in winter

Champagne on the tongue - and on the skin

Fur coats sit next to sporting ski jackets. It's the mix. The snow, the frozen lake, the first-class events. Pop-up restaurants and shopping like in New York. Untouched nature. The peaceful image deceives. See Cresta Run. If you are old, you can rest at the 5 star hotel. Not correct. In St. Moritz it's: »Party hard«.


Ski you later

Dash through the snow and be ready for a day filled with fun on the slopes: the area around St. Moritz is a winter wonderland for those who enjoy skiing!

The Top 10 for winter


Need for speed: Feeling the thrill on the Cresta Run

If zipping down a mountain head first seems like fun to you, the exhilarating Cresta Run should be on your bucket list…


For non-skier only

Not a fan of skiing? No problem! There’s so much to do in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel that you’ll never be bored!